Production Art

I spent seventeen years in the screen printing business, with a certain amount of time spent at the drafting table, in the darkroom, and running offset, screen and letterpress equipment. I followed this with several years of testing and reviewing computer equipment for several magazines, including Byte, Windows, MacWEEK, and Screen Printing. I was the art director of the Island Independent, a local tabloid newspaper. If you need a simple flyer created you can probably find someone more creative, less expensive, and faster. (If you’re looking for someone to do some “desktop publishing,” please call somebody else.)

However, if your task is complex and depends on understanding unusual materials and processes, particularly if you will be doing similar work on an ongoing basis, I think you'll benefit from working with me. Graphics generated in quantity with a common appearance but elements controlled by existing data, such as labels based on SKU numbers, sizes, and colors that include bar codes take advantage of my background.

Smaller jobs that make sense here include promotional materials for the artists whose images were taken in my studio and collateral for web development clients — cases where I am already intimately familiar with the house style and have immediate access to standing design elements.

Most work is done on a dual-processor G4 Macintosh, but I have no hesitation to bring in Windows and Unix tools as needed to bring your project together economically.

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