Website Hosting

Websites need good servers, good connections, and a little bit of tender loving care. I can provide all three.

I have servers both here on Whidbey Island and leased space in an advanced hosting center. Our name servers are on two different networks and over a thousand miles apart for reliability.

Basic hosting, including up to 20 MB of storage, 5 e-mail accounts, and cgi-bin access costs $15.00 per month, with a one-time setup charge of $35.00. If you have an existing site that needs a home I can move it for a reasonable fee (normally under $100, possibly less if you have access to the current files), and make minor ongoing changes for a very reasonable hourly rate with no minimums.

Hosting clients receive the full benefits of our spam and virus protection on e-mail. (More details on the E-Mail Services page.)

The sites below are all hosted on my servers. I developed the sites identified by two red asterisks (**) from the ground up, sites with a single asterisk (*) were originally developed by someone else and I am responsible for maintenance and updates. This latter set is in various stages of being upgraded to current web standards, not to mention my own standards for useability. To see only sites that I did develop, see the Website Development page.

Hosted Sites

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