Website Development

I like to think that I design sites that are clear, easily navigated, economically maintained, and effective. The point of a website should be to get your point across to your customers and prospects. I have no interest in design awards, I am critically interested in clients that are motivated to continue to pay for my time. Speaking of time, that’s what I sell - the following sites were built strictly on an hourly rate, and since I am still maintaining all these sites that rate must be a good value!

Original Sites

The grandchildren of a brave Minnesota family that tried to farm in the depression decided to put the family story, with over 700 letters, a 40-chapter narrative, and many photos, online last year. Database driven for flexibility, standards compliant, rich navigation options, includes many features such as automatic jumps to larger images and visitor comments. Dear Daddy, the Farm Letters

The following sites are completely original works, although in most cases they start from trade dress already in use by the clients.

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Maintained Sites

These sites were originally developed by others and show varying levels of progress. The IFCCA site, for example, looks very much like the original but is now 100% compliant with current standards, while the transition is only just begun on Jack Adams' site.

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Personal Projects

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