G. Armour Van Horn

Van, February 2012

Who is this G. Armour Van Horn character, and why on earth should you care?

Mostly, I am a communicator. I have been a printer, writer, publisher, web developer, photographer, and even a preacher on occasion. I am not, generally, a designer as these pages probably make clear. I am not the person to design the “hang tags” for your latest garment line, I just might be the guy you need to work with if you need hang tags for several hundred different items in your latest line, with a bewildering range of SKUs, sizes, colors, options, and prices.

I take the engineering approach to projects, whether it's a website, a web-based inventory system, a catalog, or pictures of your artwork or products. My most successful projects combine an existing design (either fresh from another artist or long established) and make it work in a context where traditional approaches bog down.

I am currently most interested in what I'm referring to as “Business Automation” projects, what some would call “cloud-based applications”, but I do relish variety in my work.

Starting with an existing site to add features, starting fresh based on graphics supplied by the client, or even, on occasion, my own original designs, sites range from a few simple pages to those based on significant database structures.

Whether referred to as cloud-based apps, group ware, or enterprise resource management, these are interactive systems in which visitors with the proper credentials enter or review customized information.

If you have a site it has to live somewhere. Hosting here provides space for the files, bandwidth, and my personal attention when needed.

Why I won't ever win any design awards!

Mostly for existing hosting or development clients, I handle address collection and message distribution for various clients based on fifteen years of running mailing lists, discussion lists, and general-purpose mail servers.

I do "catalog" photography, mostly for artists and primarily close to home but if you have a volume of products to be shot that can readily be transported here we should talk, particularly if the images will go into a catalog site that I'm building for you.

Remember printed paper? There are print projects that require something of an engineering approach.

Exactly what you think it is.